Headlight/plastic trim restoration/ Enhancement painting

Distinguished Detail offers our customers the best headlight restoration services to clear out yellowed and discolored headlights. The yellowing occurs when the protective coating is worn off and the plastic housing begins to oxidize from the prolonged exposure to UV rays. Furthermore, the clarity of your lights projection is diminished making it more difficult to see.

We can correct and restore your headlights by properly wet sanding the surface with 4 different levels of finishing. We then polish the housing and reapply 2-3 layers of protective coating to protect the casing from oxidation and discoloration for years to come. Note: some headlights may have internal plastic casings within the main headlight that cannot be accessed for correction.

Tax not included

Price: $65.00 per set

Estimated completion time 1-1.5 hours

 Plastic Trim Restoration

Is your plastic trim faded and has turned from black to gray? The culprit again are the UV rays drying out the plastics. The oils in the plastic are starting to weather away and no matter how much dressing you apply it still turns back to that ugly eye sore. Most vehicle owners will go down to their local auto parts store and buy a gel, spray or some other type of dressing. Unfortunately, these are all dressing and only last a few days or until it dries out or rains.

Distinguished Detail can restore the luster of that plastic back to the dark rich OEM finish that is designed to last. Our process is to repaint the trim or apply an acrylic based paint to fenders, bumpers, door handles or any other plastic exterior trim. All areas are prepped appropriately along with proper masking of the exposed areas. We then apply a non-silicone dressing to protect it from UV rays. For more permanent protection we also offer ceramic coating options for plastic.

Tax not included

Price: From $25.00

Estimated completion time depends on vehicle.

Engine Bay detailing:

Level 1: All major surfaces are wiped down by hand using a waterless spray and some good ole’ elbow grease. The plastic and rubber components are dressed and conditioned with a non-silicone dressing.

Price: $25.00 Tax not included

Level 2: The entire engine bay is pressure washed and degreased and scrubbed. We then follow it up with a level 1. This is a great add on if your trying to sell a vehicle.

Price: $75.00 Tax not included

Note: The hood liner fabric will not be sprayed with water. Proper prep and masking of alternator, fuse box and wires are done before pressure washing. Existing stains often found on the inside of hoods without liners usually do not come out.


Does your truck have exposed metal wheel wells or frame rails that are faded and appear chalky? Does your exposed muffler create a rusty color eye sore from the rest of the vehicle? Using a shiny aerosol spray dressing will work good for a short period of time on plastic but not metal.

We can apply 3 coats of satin black VHT temperature rated chassis paint to enhance those exposed areas. This makes a dramatic difference that most people do not even think about. It’s not an entire chassis respray or a 5K paint job. We do however, clean and degrease the surface to promote a strong enough bond to maintain its durability for at least a year.

Note: This application is to only promote a better appearance to areas were normal detailing will not make a difference. The lifespan is designed for road driving. Any vehicle to include new that are driven through mud or excessive amounts of dirt will produce that dry/dirty look if not removed promptly.

 Price: determined during consult

Brake Caliper painting

Unfortunately, not all cars have a set of powder coated 6 piston performance Calipers popping out from behind the rims. Most OEM vehicles have basic brake calipers that become rusty in appearance and look awful behind a set of clean wheels and dressed tires.

We can also perform an enhancement painting of those brake calipers. The process is to remove the caliper from the rotor and leave the brake line attached. We apply 3 coats of VHT caliper paint and 2 coats of caliper clear coat. Vehicle brand logos can be applied to the caliper before the clear is applied.

Note: This is not a powder coating paint job. However, all enhancement painting the proper prep work is done to ensure durability for at least a year only using paint designed for this application.

Price: determined during consult

PLASTI-dipping of badges and wheels

If you take a trip to the auto parts store you will see plastic coating spray cans in about every color. This is an inexpensive do it yourself project that can add a custom touch. “Plasti-dipping” as it’s become known comes down to understanding the little details that affect the outcome. It is considered crafty in nature more than a true service option.

Through my years of experience playing around with the Plasti-Dip brand I have gotten pretty good with it. I realize that not all surface applications are the same. I have also learned how to fix tears easily and change the texture / finish to make it last. Most people think it’s paint when they see it. The coating is nonpermanent and can be removed if desired.

Price: options and cost can be discussed upon request