A Little Piece of History!

I have spent nearly 30 years passionately detailing cars as a car enthusiast. Today, after many years spent as a professional firefighter and in Military special operations. I get to transition my passion for detailing into a profession. I may be new to the detailing business, but I am no stranger to achieving results in my pursuit for perfection. In addition to developing my skills as a hobbyist I am also formally trained, and craftsman certified through industry programs. My previous careers have allowed me to understand the value of integrity, honesty and professionalism regardless of what you do.

Our Philosophy

Distinguished Detail is not just another car detailing company. We strive to understand our customers and the association they have with their cars. It’s important to realize that you don’t have to be a car enthusiast for it to be significant or meaningful. We believe in providing the same exceptional level of quality whether it’s a daily driver or a collector car.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver tailor-made car detailing solutions to suit the needs of our clients. With a wide range of options, we can help maximize your vehicles value at a very minimal investment

Our Vision

Our goal is to CORRECT, PROTECT and MAINTAIN every vehicle in our community. We hope to educate consumers on what improper washing and drying does to your paints finish and how to avoid the problems associated with drive-thru car washes. We aim to correct these paint issues, provide true paint protection options and assist clients to maintain their vehicles value and appearance.

it’s time to correct, protect and maintain your vehicle

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